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good shape, morbid mind
happy to be sick and tired
content, still anxious


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1984, adult swim, all forms of art, anxiety, architecture, astronomy, beach, being found, being lost, bicycles, bleach, bleach blondness, blood, blue moon, books, bottled water, brother, burning stuff, cameras, candles, cartoons, chapstick, cheese, childfree, chuck palahniuk, cities, coffee, coloring, combat boots, cooking, crossword puzzles, dancing, delivery, design, dining out, distractions, documentaries, drugstores, fiona apple, fire, fish, foosball, free wifi, freecell, games, gnomes, google, grammar, grandma, graph paper, halloween, hand-banana, happy, health insurance, hindu deities, horror movies, hotels, infomercials, information, insanity, instant pie crust, intelligence, jellyfish, jigsaw puzzles, jodorowsky, junk food, keys, killing people on gta4, kurt vonnegut, learning, lexx, libraries, lol, lotion, lucid dreaming, magazines, maglite, making lists, maps, microwave, mom, money, moon, movies, mp3s, mst 3000, music, nes/snes, netflix, nintendo, ocean, octopus, oil paints, olive oil, organic cotton sheets, painting, pch, people watching, photography, pictures, poetry, preserved dead stuff, psychology, public transportation, puzzles, reading, rental cars, routine teeth cleaning, samples, school supplies, science, science-fiction, sea creatures, sea life, seed banks, sex, shopping, shuffleboard, sims, sociology, southpark, stairs, stickers, sushi, teeth, tents, the beatles, tim burton, torturing sims, tqc, trains, treadmills, trivia, underwear, usb gadgets, vitamins, vodka, warmth, writing, ww2, xbox 360, zoo